1.0   SCOPE

This procedure describes the minimum requirements to be complied with for track the material during fabrication & erection, and to trace the fabrication material.


This procedure is applicable for GTECO’s workshop.


3.1. Purchase material

– Materials are purchased according to the technical requirements of each project (base on ITP, standards and documents that customers provide to apply to each project).

– Materials are purchased from suppiers who are evaluated with appropriate capacity for each kind of materials to ensure the quality.

3.2. Warehoushing and material inspection:

3.2.1. Base for buying materials.

– Kinds and quantities are based on purchase materials contracts.

– The quality and technical requirements of the material are based on the contract but are certified by the QC staff through the quality inspection minutes.

3.2.2. Material inspection

– The materials are inspected by visual inspection and measuring instruments which are suitable for the requirements of the materials.

– The materials must be fully tested technical requirements indicators (as specified in the purchase contract of materials). Also, the materials must have basic information such as: production batch number, day of storage, expired date,… enough to be able to control and retrieve when needed.

3.3. The movement of materials during production process

3.3.1. For metal

– On metal plates, round steel bars, steel pipes, etc., numbering the supplier, certificate number and “Heat No.” is required.

– When cutting the metal into smaller pieces, the mark should be struck on the small parts.

– Depending on the small level of materials that the construction unit propose to mark but they must be recorded and kept in production file to ensure controllable.

3.3.2. For welding materials.

– For GTAW welding rods, when using the need to keep the box labeled clearly, storage in the area for each type of material, record the information of welding rods box to many positions to advoid loss of sign during use. It is important to note the products used by the different types of welding rods.

– For GMAW welding wires, when using have to storage in the area for each type of roll. It is important to note the products used by the different types of welding rods.

– For SMAW welding rods, when using have to storage in the area for each type of rods. In the process of using do not dry or share the welding rods with different number of production batch to one product. It is important to note the products used by the different types of welding rods.

3.2.3. For painting

– It is possible to divide the paint into smaller containers, but it is important to record the contents of the main container onto the small containers.

– The amount of paint put out have to meet the demand of the day. In case of incomplete use, if the storage is suitable with the technical characteristics of the paint, it should be re-entered to avoid confusion in subsequent use. The re-enter should specify the input date.

–  When using, information on the products used in each paint batch must be clearly stated. Do not use 2 batchs of paint for the same product.

3.2.4. For components.

– For components (such as bults, nuts, buffer ring, etc.), they must be packed in box with appropriate size and marked with the code and information of the components. When do not used all have to store in the same way as the original to avoid confusion.

– When using, it is necessary to specify the information of used products.

3.3. Complete the production

– The product must be numbering during production process (start at embryos creation).

– In the production process should be synchronized number of sections to facilitate the completion of materials and materials management.

– At the end of the project, information on the materials used in the manufacture of the product should be stored in a set of records to facilitate the traceability of the material.


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